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Shire of Kulin

The Kulin Region has everything to really make you tick!
Famous for our annual October Bush Races and unique Tin Horse Highway, Kulin offers a vibrant community, high quality infrastructure, fantastic services and endless opportunities.


The Kulin Shire Council manages the provision and facilitation of infrastructure, services and amenities in the Kulin Region. 


The Kulin Region offers visitors many activities, attractions and events all year round.


The Kulin Region provides modern, state-of-the-art sporting and recreational facilities, which the community takes pride in utilizing and maintaining.


Kulin Region offers a vibrant, proactive community with access to a broad range of services, groups and events, ensuring Kulin is a fantastic place to live and visit.


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All Ages Precinct Opening

Come around to the CRC and enjoy free movies! It would be great to see you. 

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