Kulin Bush Races Giving Trail

Next time you walk through the new ‘Discovery Zone’ you will notice some shiny new ‘coins’ scattered along the trail which runs through the area.

On Saturday 13 September 2014, a group of happy volunteers installed the 94 coins which make up the new ‘Bush Races Giving Trail’.  The trail aims to celebrate the 20th year of the Kulin Bush Races and acknowledge the positive impact which the event has had on our community. It will also continue to be added too each year. The Giving Trail will also provide an additional and interesting visitor experience for the town as tourists wander through the Discovery Zone.

Over the past 20 years the Kulin Bush Races has put close to $1 million dollars back into community initiatives, facilities and projects including a new aquatic centre, giant water slide, Bush Races infrastructure, medical services, education programs and the RFDS. The Bush Races even built a house to attract a few family to town!

But what dawned on me as we were installing the coins, is that the Bush Races has created so much more than just income for Kulin – a strong, united community identity exists here and something which economists would find very hard to put a dollar value on.  So as you take a walk along the Giving Trail, take time to stop and read each one. Each has a very special story to tell and as a community we should all be very proud of what has been achieved so far.

We hope you enjoy this informative new addition to the discovery zone!  

Photo:  Kulin Bush Races Giving Trail volunteers (L-R) Gen Whisson, Robbie Bowey, Katheryn Wilson, Tricia Robertson and Annette Lewis.

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