Shire of Kulin Shines at 2013 WA Tourism Awards

Gen has changed the face of tourism development in our region and along with her other professional and voluntary roles has made significant contributions to the tourism landscape through interpretation, education and communication.

Gen's passion for tourism development and her no barriers approach to marketing have seen significant developments in our region, which have positive regional and state implications. Gen has put Kulin, ROE Tourism, Central Wheatbelt Tourism and Australia's Golden Outback on the world stage. New and clever initiatives with well thought out media releases and solid marketing strategies ensure that tourism is on the radar for our region, and in turn Western Australia. Ensuring that we are seen as a tourism destination, and developing the market and associated infrastructure to support these initiatives is Genevieve's strength.

Utilizing her fantastic skills she is able to offer clever, quality interpretive solutions for natural and cultural heritage projects. her broad and well developed expertise in interpretive planning, community engagement and creative writing ensures the development of quality, well planned and implemented projects.

Gen is a wonderful ambassador for tourism her passion attracts stakeholders to become involved, as seen with the 'Billboards on Wheels' campaign.

Gen is a strong advocate for preserving natural and cultural heritage, while being proactive, passionate and creative. She is a wonderful contributor to tourism in WA and will continue to be in the future.

Winning this award is testimony to the fantastic work Gen is doing and we congratulate, and thank her, for putting Kulin and the region on the tourism stage. Image (LtoR) Gen Whisson, Dr Jennie Bickmore-Brand and Lady Brand.   

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