Located in the heart of the Wheatbelt, the vibrant Kulin Region offers a fantastic array of visitor experiences and is a convenient stopover for those travelling to Wave Rock or between Perth and Esperance.


To the South East of Kulin lies the quaint, community spirited town of Pingaring.

Situated at the foot of a large granite rock, it is thought that the town's name may have been derived from the Noongar word 'pinjaa' which refers to areas of wet land, soakage or swamp as 'Pingaring Spring' is nearby.

Like many towns in the Wheatbelt, the aim of the early settlers was to establish the area for agriculture. Early clearing for roads and paddocks was done with an axe and crops were planted and harvested using light machines and teams of horses. Wheat was carted in bags and stacked until the first wheat bin was erected in 1938. Today the bin is one of the largest in the area.

A wonderful spirit of friendship and cooperation has always been present in the Pingaring district. Although a small settlement, Pingaring residents are actively involved in community life and sport through the local tennis, golf, and cricket clubs. They are also involved in other community activities through the Pingaring Progress Association, C.W.A, Playgroup and the local Community Centre. The annual Pingaring Christmas Tree is a tradition which has continued every year since it was first held in 1925.

The Pingaring area is also home to a number of plants not found anywhere else in the world. After the land was opened up for agriculture, areas such as granite outcrops remained uncleared. It is in these areas that the most endangered of Pingaring's threatened plants, such as the Pingaring Spider Orchid make their home.

Stop and enjoy a cold beer Pingaring style at the 'Gum Tree Tavern' (literally two big Eucalyptus trees which stand outside the Pingaring Store). You may also be lucky enough to meet acclaimed rural romance and best belling author Fiona Palmer, who calls Pingaring home. Click HERE to view Fiona's website.

Local Services and Contacts

Pingaring Golf Club
Evan Wyatt
PH: (08) 9866 8090

Pingaring Progress Association  
Jenny Wyatt (President)
PH: (08) 9866 8090

Pingaring Hall Hire 
Fiona Palmer
PH: (08) 9866 8099

Pingaring Agsolutions – Local general store and tourist information

PH: (08) 9866 8014 (noticeboard)

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