The Kulin Shire Council exists to sustain, improve and develop the Kulin region through the provision and facilitation of infrastructure, services and opportunities in a manner which will instill community pride while giving a vibrant, socially and economically sustainable environment for businesses and families.

Environmental Health

Environmental Health encompasses the assessment and control of environmental factors that can potentially affect human health. Our services aim to provide assistance and information on a wide range of services directed at the maintenance, promotion and improvement of public and environmental health.  

The Shire of Kulin belongs to the Roe Regional Organisation of Councils. An Environmental Health Officer (EHO) is shared between the four (4) Councils in the group. The EHO is based in Corrigin and travels to each Shire as required or for pre-booked appointments, meetings or inspections.


Will Pearce- Environmental Health Officer

If you would like to make a complaint or submit an application, please contact the Kulin Shire office on 08 9880 1204 or send your document with attention EHO to the Shire at PO Box 125, Kulin WA 6365.

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