The Kulin Shire Council exists to sustain, improve and develop the Kulin region through the provision and facilitation of infrastructure, services and opportunities in a manner which will instill community pride while giving a vibrant, socially and economically sustainable environment for businesses and families.

Current Council Projects

Kulin Stormwater Capture and Re-use Project

The Shire of Kulin recieved $314,738.00 of grant funding to assist in drought proofing the Kulin town site.

The funds have been used to reduce the reliance on scheme water for maintaining the town’s ovals, public open space and recreation areas but the project will provide an example of how rural towns can successfully harvest surface water to maintain required community facilities.

What has been done 

  • Reconstruct roaded catchments to maximise storm water runoff into town dam.
  • Improve townsite drainage to divert and capture water. 
  • Increase water storage capacity of town and oval dams
  • Installation of infrastructure (e.g. tanks, pumps, piping) to ensure effective transfer of water.

Community benefits

  • Reduce the reliance on scheme water for maintaining the town’s ovals, public open space and recreation areas, including the district high school facilities.
  • Reducing reliance on standpipe water for emergency purposes, including water use for stock and fire fighting purposes.
  • Reduce pressure on comprehensive water supply scheme and current infrastructure.
  • Drought proofing of Kulin townsite  
  • Educate the community, both urban and rural, young and old, that water is a precious resource.

The funding has come from Wheatbelt NRM, through the Department of Agriculture and Food WA and the WA Government’s Royalties for Regions program.

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Grader Tender

 Tenders are invited for the supply and delivery of one Grader 100kw minimum, trade is offered 2006 CAT 12M.

 Specifications available by emailing 

To arrange inspection of trade vehicle please contact Judd Hobson, Manager of Works on 0427 801241.

 Tenders close 4pm, Monday 14th October 2019.

 Garrick Yandle


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