The Kulin Shire Council exists to sustain, improve and develop the Kulin region through the provision and facilitation of infrastructure, services and opportunities in a manner which will instill community pride while giving a vibrant, socially and economically sustainable environment for businesses and families.

Other information

In the event of a fire call 000

Chemical usage on road reserves

An application to use chemicals on road reserves for firebreak protection must be submitted to the Chief Executive Officer for approval.

Burning of roadside vegetation

No roadside burning is allowed by any persons within the Shire without the approval of the Council. Anybody who is found to have burnt any roadside vegetation or reserve vested in the Shire, either deliberately, by neglect or carelessness as per the Bush Fires Act 1954, may be made to pay the cost of spraying or re-vegetating the area.

Burning in the townsite

No fires in large open areas are to be lit in the townsite unless a town Fire Control Officer is advised of the intention to burn.

Clearing of Town Lots

Owners of town blocks can arrange, through the Shire Offices, to have vacant blocks sprayed, slashed, grazed or burnt to clear town lots. Phone the Shire Office on 9880 1204 for further information.

Burning on Sundays and Public Holidays

From the start of the restricted burning time to the end of Easter, no person is allowed to light a fire on a Sunday or Public Holiday.

Stubble Burning

Stubble burning, subject to normal permit, will be allowed on Sundays after 1st March.

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