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Harvest Ban Information

Shire of Kulin Harvest Ban Information Line: PH 08 9880 1511

Harvest & Machinery Movement Bans

Please be aware that Bans are only placed after scientific measurements have reached a critical point. ie: combination of temperature, wind strength and humidity, applied to a proven rate of fire spread chart at several points throughout the Shire.

A Harvest Ban and a ban on the movement of all vehicles and machines and the operation of internal and combustion engines is imposed on Christmas Day and New Years Day each year.

For information on Bans and Fires ring your nearest FCO or the Shire Office on 9880 1204 (Not the CBFCO as that point is under considerable pressure during these times.) Shire CEO after hours contact 0408 945 011.

Harvest Ban Information

The Shire of Kulin provide a daily updated message covering harvest ban information. The number to ring is 98801511.

Listen to local radio stations for announcements on Harvest Bans during the season.

Harvest Ban Guidelines

The following is a list of guidelines developed to enable primary producers to know what and what is not permitted when harvest and vehicle movement bans are imposed by the Shire of Kulin.


The following definitions shall apply to the guidelines on the ban of vehicle and machinery movement and the operation of internal combustion engines under Regulation 38A and 32B of the Bush Fires Act.

Laneway/Roadway (non gazetted)

A laneway/roadway is defined as having a trafficable surface, free of all inflammable material, a minimum of 4 metres wide.  Overhanging vegetation has to be pruned back so as to not come into contact with parts of a vehicle.

Mobile Fire Fighting Unit

A mobile fire fighting unit is defined as having a minimum water carrying capacity of 500 litres, fitted with a suitable fire fighting hose and pump capable of delivering water through an adjustable nozzle in the spray and jet configurations.

Harvest Ban

A ban on the operation of all grain harvesting machines within the Shire or part of the Shire and during a time, as specified in a notice or broadcast (Reg 38A).

A Ban on the Movement of all Vehicles and Machinery and the Operation of Internal Combustion Engines

A ban on the movement of all vehicles and machinery and the operation of internal combustion engines within the Shire or part of the Shire and during a time as specified in a notice or broadcast (Reg 38A & 38B) with the exception of the movement of vehicles and machinery on constructed and gazetted roads and laneways.

 Permitted Activities

The following activities are permitted, provided these comply with specified conditions.

  1. Water carting for stock and domestic purposes on roadways as defined above.
  2. All necessary travel to and from and within piggeries, sheep or cattle feed lots on roadways as defined above.
  3. All necessary carting of livestock on roadways as defined above.
  4. Activities which received specific exemptions from Council or Chief Bush Fire Control Officer.

Authorisation of Harvest Bans

Following is the order of authorisation to issue harvest bans in conjunction with and authorisation from the Fire Weather Officer.

  1. Garrick Yandle, CEO Shire of Kulin ph; 0408 945 011
  2. Judd Hobson, Manager of Works Shire of Kulin
  3. Garry Strother, Chief Bush Fire Control Officer
  4. Rod Diery, Deputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer

Harvest Ban Zones

Zone 1 - Kulin North & Kulin South Brigades 

Zone 2 - Jilakin/Pingaring Brigade

Zone 3 - Holt Rock/Little Italy Brigade

Harvesting Operations - Mobile Fire fighting Units    

It is compulsory that an operational mobile engine powered fire fighting pump unit with not less then 500 litres of water be in attendance during grain harvesting operations. If the unit is trailer mounted the trailer must be attached to a vehicle at all times during harvesting operations and the unit must be in the paddock, or adjoining paddock, where the harvesting operation is being carried out.

Freebairn Recreation Centre Employment Opportunity

The Freebairn Recreation Centre is seeking capable and enthusiastic staff to undertake the following positions associated with running the bar and function components of the FRC. These include:

  • Permanent Part-time Bar Attendant
  • Casual Bar Staff
  • Part-time Facility Cleaner

Primary duties include hospitality responsibilities, bar service, as well as cleaning and maintenance of the bar facilities in the centre’s function areas. Hours for each position are negotiable with an ongoing requirement for at least 30 hours per week across an individual role with another 30-50 hours across casual roles dependent upon facility bookings.

Applicants must possess RSA certification and ideally have experience within the hospitality industry.  On the job training will be provided.

This is a multi-faceted role and we are seeking applicants who have the desire to become involved and be a key-player in the operations of the FRC.  Weekend work will form a significant component of the role.

Key Points:

  • Employed under Local Government Industry Award 2020 (salary negotiable dependent upon final role and responsibilities)
  • Must be adaptable, possess great time management skills and exhibit initiative.
  • RSA certification is required.
  • Uniform provided.
  • A vehicle would be advantageous but not essential.
  • Accommodation potentially available via negotiation dependent upon final role.

The position is available on an ongoing basis with a starting date to be negotiated.

For further information and to apply, please email:

In order to apply for this role please forward a covering letter outlining experiences and motivation for your application as well as a copy of your current Resume to:

 Freebairn Recreation Centre Manager -

PO Box 125

Kulin WA 6365

 Applications close Wednesday April 7, 2021.

* Please note, there are other opportunities for cleaning and maintenance of the wider FRC amenities.  Please contact the Centre Manager via email to discuss if you are available for casual hours.

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