The Kulin Shire Council exists to sustain, improve and develop the Kulin region through the provision and facilitation of infrastructure, services and opportunities in a manner which will instill community pride while giving a vibrant, socially and economically sustainable environment for businesses and families.

Fire Control Officers

Bushfire Brigade Information

Shire of Kulin Bushfire Brigades have reduced from 10 down to 4.

 Kulin North (encompasses Kulin Town, Kulin West & Kulin East Brigades)

Kulin South (encompasses Jitarning, Dudinin & Walyurin Brigades)

Jilakin/Pingaring (combines Jilakin & Pingaring Brigades)

Holt Rock / Little Italy (combines Holt Rock & Little Italy Brigades).

Please remember a duty of care exists for a Fire Control Officer to ensure that persons attending an incident has appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the same responsibility rests with those attending so please ensure you wear the required clothing, otherwise insurance issues may arise. 

Kulin Fire Control Officers are appointed at the Annual Meeting of the Bush Fire Brigades held in March.

Election 2019


At the Close of Nominations at 4pm on 12 September 2019, for the Local Government Election planned for 19 October 2019, I can advise that 5 nominations had been received.

As the number of nominations equalled the 5 Councillor positions vacant – the result of the election is a follows;

WARD                         CANDIDATE                            RESULT                        TERM EXPIRY

WEST WARD               Barry West                             Elected Unopposed                 2023

EAST WARD                 Lucia Varone                           Elected Unopposed                 2023

TOWN WARD              Roberta Bowey                       Elected Unopposed                 2023

TOWN WARD              Jarron Noble                           Elected Unopposed                 2023

CENTRAL WARD          Bradley Taylor                         Elected Unopposed                 2023

 I congratulate the candidates elect on their election.

Garrick Yandle

Returning Officer

12 September 2019

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