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In the event of a fire call 000

Fire Breaks

All Owners and/or Occupiers of Land within the Shire of Kulin are guided by the Bush Fires Act 1954.

Pursuant to the powers contained in Section 33 of the above Act, you are hereby required on or before 31st October and thereafter up to and including 15th March to have a 3 metre firebreak clear of all inflammable material on all rural and townsite land owned or occupied by you:

  1. Immediately inside all external boundaries of the land; and
  2. In such other positions as is necessary to divide land in excess of 200 hectares into areas not exceeding 200 hectares, each completely surrounded by a firebreak; and
  3. Immediately surrounding any part of land used for crop; and
  4. Parallel to and within 100 metres of the perimeter of all buildings, haystacks and fuel  ramps situated on the land; and
  5. Immediately surrounding any drum or drums or other receptacles situated on the land which are normally used for the storage of fuel, whether they contain fuel or not, provided that the firebreak required to comply with this paragraph only shall be not less than 5 metres wide; and
  6. Immediately inside land on which bush has been bulldozed, chained or prepared in any similar manner for clearing by burning (whether you intend to burn the bush or not); provided that the firebreak required to comply with this paragraph only shall be not less than 7 metres wide. Where the land is prepared for clearing by burning after 19th September 2020 you shall provide the firebreak immediately.

 Firebreak Variation

If it is considered by the owner or occupier of the land that it is impractical to clear firebreaks to comply with this notice due to soil erosion, the spread of salinity or for any other reason, a request for a variation may be made to the Council not later than the 1 September of each year.

Such a request must be in writing and include a detailed farm plan showing the proposed location of firebreaks or of the alterative fire protection methods to be used. If such a variation is not approved then the landowner shall comply with the requirements of this notice.

If it is considered to be impractical for any reasons to clear firebreaks as required by this notice, you may apply to Council or its duly authorised officer for permission to provide firebreaks in alternative positions on the land. If the Council, or its duly authorised officer does not grant permission, you shall comply with the requirements of this notice. The penalty for failing to comply with this notice is a fine not exceeding $5000.00 and a person in default is also liable, whether prosecuted or not, to pay the cost of performing the work directed in this notice if it is not carried out by the owner or occupier by the date required by this notice. If the requirements of this notice are carried out by burning, such burning must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Bush Fires Act.

Freebairn Recreation Centre Employment Opportunity

The Freebairn Recreation Centre is seeking capable and enthusiastic staff to undertake the following positions associated with running the bar and function components of the FRC. These include:

  • Permanent Part-time Bar Attendant
  • Casual Bar Staff
  • Part-time Facility Cleaner

Primary duties include hospitality responsibilities, bar service, as well as cleaning and maintenance of the bar facilities in the centre’s function areas. Hours for each position are negotiable with an ongoing requirement for at least 30 hours per week across an individual role with another 30-50 hours across casual roles dependent upon facility bookings.

Applicants must possess RSA certification and ideally have experience within the hospitality industry.  On the job training will be provided.

This is a multi-faceted role and we are seeking applicants who have the desire to become involved and be a key-player in the operations of the FRC.  Weekend work will form a significant component of the role.

Key Points:

  • Employed under Local Government Industry Award 2020 (salary negotiable dependent upon final role and responsibilities)
  • Must be adaptable, possess great time management skills and exhibit initiative.
  • RSA certification is required.
  • Uniform provided.
  • A vehicle would be advantageous but not essential.
  • Accommodation potentially available via negotiation dependent upon final role.

The position is available on an ongoing basis with a starting date to be negotiated.

For further information and to apply, please email:

In order to apply for this role please forward a covering letter outlining experiences and motivation for your application as well as a copy of your current Resume to:

 Freebairn Recreation Centre Manager -

PO Box 125

Kulin WA 6365

 Applications close Wednesday April 7, 2021.

* Please note, there are other opportunities for cleaning and maintenance of the wider FRC amenities.  Please contact the Centre Manager via email to discuss if you are available for casual hours.

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