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The Wheatbelt Business Network (WBN) together with the shires of Corrigin, Narembeen, Kondinin and Kulin investigated the economic impact of spending dollars locally. The findings of the study have been formatted into an informative and quirky animation.

“We want to educate the communities that shopping locally isn’t more expensive and is a huge benefit to businesses, communities and families. At the end of the day your decision to shop online or with a chain in the city has a negative impact on the small towns we call home.” said Caroline Robinson, Executive Officer of the WBN.

It has become common practice to turn to the city or online shopping rather than shopping local based upon the assumption that your dollar will go further and you will get more value for money.

However, the “Why Local Matters” study showed a dollar spent by 16 local businesses had an average multiplier effect of 1.86 generated for the local community. Shopping local means more than an economy boost, it also secures the future for Wheatbelt living and the great family lifestyle we enjoy.

The study also took into account an average basket of groceries from the local shops in each shire and compared to a basket of shopping from Perth. Without accounting for the time and costs of travel, the shopping was still cheaper locally! “One of the largest myths of Wheatbelt living is the cost of living is higher than the city.

We looked at the cost of goods in all areas for over a month and the cost comparison was always in favour of local businesses, just another reason to shop locally.” said Caroline of the WBN. Small Business Day is on October 29 and is the official launch of the “Why Local Matters” animation.

To spread the word further, the WBN is hosting a social media competition, so be sure to jump online to the WBN Facebook Page to “Like” and “Share” the message. The WBN is a business networking body across the Wheatbelt. It has a strong think local focus, and supports its members through growth and development. “I encourage our communities to consider their local businesses in their Shire first, then to think of businesses in the surrounding Shires before going out of the Wheatbelt” said Caroline.

Further info: Caroline Robinson Wheatbelt Business Network www.wheatbeltbusinessnetwork.com.au

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