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Media Release June 22, 2017

Back Row left to right: Rodney Duckworth and Mike Robins from Kulin St Johns, Ronelle Tyson from Kondinin Medical Centre, Kaye Tyson Kulin St Johns, local Registered Nurse Amy Parnell, Brendan Sloggett Kulin St Johns and Dr Alain Mackie from Kondinin Medical Centre. Front row left to right: Nick Grant from the Shire of Kulin and Gemma Boxall from the Kulin Community Resource Centre. Missing: Kate Bishop Kulin CRC, Sally Ann Nevill and Brenden Nichols from Regional Men's Health Initiative.  

Blokes Night Out Kulin - Pit Crew

The Kulin Community Resource Centre held a Men’s health Awareness evening in partnership with the Regional Men’s health Initiative (RMHI) on Tuesday June 20 at the Freebarin Recreation Centre. Although we had a couple of guest speakers to start, the evening was actually about blokes talking to each other, you’re each other’s support network out here. In times like these it’s a good idea to not only look after yourself and your family but also your next door neighbours and your community.

The evening started with a very engaging talk from RMHI delegate Brenden Nichols who is a Registered Nurse and has spent the majority of his career specialising in Mental Health. Brendon says he is passionate around engaging and supporting men to realise their potential wellbeing and health, and this definitely came across in his presentation. There were 72 blokes that came and listened to Brendon, and I commend all of them for making the time to come. Sally Nevill who is a local counsellor also spoke briefly to the crowd, talking from a woman’s perspective and had some great take home messages for communication between men and women.

Both Sally and Brenden also participated in the Pit Stop Program, run by the Kulin St Johns Volunteers, Shire of Kulin and Kondinin Medical Centre. The Pit Stop Program was a fun interactive nine station health check system using the analogy of a vehicle. The Test crew for Kulin 2017 included Gemma Boxall who was the registration point and Nick Grant who ‘marked’ the scores at the end to determine if the participant was ‘roadworthy’!

The nine station were; Chassis Check (Waist Measurement) – Kaye Tyson, Extractors (Bowel Cancer) Rodney Duckworth, Torsion (Flexibility) Mike Robins, Exhaust (Smoking) Ronelle Tyson, Additives (Alcohol) Brendon Sloggart, Oil Pressure (Blood Pressure) Amy Parnell, Spark Plugs (Testes) Dr Alan Mackie, Duco (Skin) Kate Bishop and Shock Absorbers (Mental Health) Sally Nevill and Brenden Nichols.  

The Pit Stop saw 27 blokes come through the Pit Stop Program which was a fantastic achievement and anyone who participate in the program could choose a prize kindly donated by Gangells Ag Solutions. The Test Crew did a sterling job, having a good chat and a laugh with everyone that came through. It was fantastic to see a good mix of different blokes have a go from 18 – 89 years of age. There was a few high blood pressures which I would encourage those people to make an appointment with the Kondinin Medical Centre to keep an eye on. There were very few smokers which was great and only a few who drank well over the recommended limit which is no more than two standard drinks a day and no more than four in any one drinking session.  

Waist measurements for men is recommended to be under 94cm, which is a lot smaller than it sounds! Greater than 94cm increases the chances of developing problems such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Included in the program is a flexibility test which is important to maintain to reduce risk of injury – David Lewis is officially the most flexible man in Kulin! Brenden and Sally also had great chats with our participants and if any bloke would like to speak to someone you can call the Regional Men’s Health initiative on 1300 789 978.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who came along for the evening, and a very special thank you to Normie Quick and Peter Entwistle from AOOBs for assisting in the kitchen to cook the lovely hamburgers from the Kulin IGA I couldn’t have done it without you!

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